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Satisfied customers of DigitalBooker - online booking system

Get to know customer stories and our customers' bookin systems

online booking system - flower cources online booking system - flower cources

The success of our customers is the most important thing

Get to know customer stories and customer online booking systems

Marixir commits customers to reservations with online payments

"Customers can also pay the course fee when booking, after which they are committed to joining our group. Using DigitalBooker is simple and easy."


Groom Barbers

"There wouldn't be so many reservations if it wasn't so easy to use. Ease of use has to be on both sides, so not only on the customer side, but it has to be easy for us to use in everyday life."

Groom parturit_kuva

Liikekulma beauty salon

"As an entrepreneur, DigitalBooker can be developed and shaped to such an extent that the system has long functioned as a replacement for homepages as well."

liikekulman kauneushoitola_mirka ahola

ReadySetPole / Pole Dance School

"We've had an hourly reservation system throughout our history. We decided to switch to DigitalBooker because of its versatility and ease of use. I was able to test the system from the customer's point of view, and found no downsides."

Tulijooga / yoga

"I wanted to offer Tuliyoga's customers more choices and make registration easy and automatic, and free up my own resources for my actual work, i.e. running the yoga studio."

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