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DigitalBooker is suitable for all industries, regardless of company size. With 10 years' experience.

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DigitalBooker Online Booking System

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Smart way to increase sales

Let your customers know about your new services and offers directly via email or sms.

It looks and feels like you

DigitalBooker is the best looking online booking system on the market. Make it look exactly like the rest of your company’s visual identity.

Improve customer experience

Your customers can book and cancel their reservations by themselves - this way so called no-showing decreases.

Keep your days organized

Want some breaks in your day? Did a customer cancel? Not to worry - DigitalBooker helps you with your daily routines.

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8 fantastic reasons to choose DigitalBooker

1. Your customers can book online 24/7

2.  DigitalBooker is also your customer register - all your customers are in one place, both those that have booked their times themselves as well as those that you have taken over the phone or in your store

3. Waitinglist for classes - no empty spots because of cancellations

4. Statistics give you an immediate overview of your most sold services, you'll see which of your employees are ranked to the top by your customers, you'll see at what time of the day your customers mostly book from you and much more

5. You can send SMS messages to your customer’s mobile phone directly from the customer register as well as from their booking

6. Launching DigitalBooker is easy, and our support team helps you with all your questions

7. The booking automatically includes your contact information and a reminder a few hours before the event

8. DigitalBooker looks and feels good - for you and for your customers

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