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We did some comparison between different booking systems. DigitalBooker stood out because it was simple and easy to use. DigitalBooker makes our daily routines easier, when customers use more and more online booking and we don't have hang in phone all the time.

- Kunto-Partola's 
physiotherapist Petri Lehto


I wanted to offer Tulijooga's customers more options and make booking easy and automatic. I also wanted to free my resources to my actual job, which is to run a yoga hall. That's why I decided to get a booking system.

Pia Rydman, founder of Tulijooga

Ready Set Pole 

We've had an hourly reservation system throughout our history. We decided to switch to DigitalBooker because of its versatility and ease of use.  I was able to test the system from the customer's point of view, and found no downsides.

- Saara Ervasti, owner of Ready Set Pole


The system has more tools built-in than we could even imagine. The more we familiarize ourselves with the system, the more we find it necessary. Today it would be hard to imagine managing customer relationships and own resources without DigitalBooker.

- Santtu Sander, WakeSpot

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